Helena Costa First Female Coach of Pro Soccer Team

Helena Costa spent an hour talking about her landmark job as France’s first ever professional female coach for a male team Thursday but her message was simple and succinct.

“Look at me as a normal coach,” said the 36-year-old as she was unveiled by second-tier side Clermont Foot.

Costa is the first female to be given the head job in the top two divisions of one of Europe’s big five leagues — Spain, Germany, England, Italy and France.

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Twin Carries Injured Sister Over Finish Line


Illinois eighth-grade twins Chloe and Claire Gruenke were competing in a state-level 800-meter dash when Chloe felt something pop in her leg.

Feeling an intense rush of pain, Chloe, who was ahead of her sister, fell to the ground. As Claire saw her sister collapse onto the track, and ran to her, picked her up piggy-back style and continued running the race.

As they neared the finish line, Claire lowered her sister onto the ground in front of her and helped her forward across the line. Claire made sure that her sister finished the race first.

Despite finishing the race in last place, these sisters are number one in our hearts.

Would you do this for your sibling? How about a complete stranger?

Kentucky Derby Upstaged by Johnny Weir’s Hat

Johnny Weir Kentucky Derby Hat

California Chrome, the underdog horse who won the 2014 Kentucky Derby, was upstaged on Saturday by Johnny Weir’s fabulous hat. Actually, if we are being honest, Johnny Weir’s entire ensemble upstaged everyone and everything at the Derby, most notably his adorable co-commentator and best friend Tara Lipinski.

Weir is the young, couture version of Liberace – and that is most definitely a compliment! I love that he has fun, and brings sass to a stodgy event with scores of women in the same old Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Stephen Jones hats. Bravo, Johnny. Keep dazzling my eyeballs.

2014 Best of Worcester – Second Place!

Image Credit: Hannah Robidoux

Image Credit: Hannah Robidoux

Wow, guys. I’m pumped. Pro Sports Chick came in Second Place in the 2014 Best of Worcester Awards for Best Local Blog.

You guys rock! Thank you so very much for all of the support. I LOVE my city, and the amazing small businesses that are creating a renewal in this place I love so much.

I am honored to even be on this list with such amazing writers, businesses, chefs, craftspeople – the list goes on an on. What an honor!

So, thank you. I will continue to make this a fun, happy place for sports lovers of all genders/shapes/sizes/races/orientations and will also continue to show the love for Worcester.

Plus, I hear there’s a great party for these award things. I like parties.

Scientifically, Women Can Be More Loyal Fans

women sports fans

It’s an interesting thought. Are women naturally pre-disposed to be better sports fans than men?

If we are to go by what the media tells us, men like to watch football and women like to nag at them for watching football. We are led to believe that women find football to be ‘barbaric’, while men love the action. But, what if that’s not entirely true anymore?

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Some Guys Can’t Catch a Break

Don Baylor is a baseball legend. One of the top offensive power threats of the 1970′s and 1980′s, Baylor helped pave the way for the OBP (one base percentage) revolution. In 17 full major league seasons Baylor led the league in hit by pitches eight times, and finished in the top 10 in all 17 seasons in the major leagues. Baylor was once the MLB leader in hit by pitches (currently fourth all time). While a modest .260 career hitter, Baylor had a career .342 OBP, and had close to a 1:1 SO to BB ratio. Throughout his career Baylor was a home run threat, a contact hitter, a stolen base threat, and a mentor to younger players. Baylor was an MVP and numerous time Silver Slugger. A veteran, Baylor was a virtual extra coach in the clubhouse.

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